Brand new New York based RPG opening on the Fourth of April! Come check out our bios, we worked extra hard on them. Any comments or questions would be gladly accepted!

Rachel Hewitt | 25 | Bartender | FC: Julianne Hough | Open

▲ Personality ▲

Rachel’s abusive father formed Rachel into a rock. In this kind of situation, many victims would end up having low self-esteem, but not Rachel, ever since her dad formed her into the rock she is. You can say the harshest thing to her and she would be able to walk away with a content smirk on her face with no hard feelings. Rachel is a brilliant girl, knowing easily how to get by in New York, but she is definitely not a role model for anyone. Rachel is unpredictable, troublesome, but all in all just great to be around only because of her confidence and great skill at making a new friend everyday.

▲ Background ▲

There is one thing that makes Rachel…different. Rachel grew up with an abusive dad. If she forgot to clean the house up before his drunken friends came over he would yell at her, tell her that she’s worthless, and push her around. But by the age of sixteen, her mom worked up enough courage to leave him, running away and taking Rachel with her to Manhattan. Sure, going to a new high school in the middle of the year is rough but it beats getting beat. Rachel didn’t have a hard time making new friends considering her level of confidence taught from her father.

After high school Rachel didn’t have much of an interest for anything. She became a waitress at one of the local Olive Garden’s- although serving pasta and bread sticks got boring, so she got a job at New York’s most popular nightclub called Elite; as a bartender. Life as a bartender was great for Rachel, boys at the bar enjoyed her presence, girls enjoyed the fact that she could hold a conversation so well. Therefore, her paycheck was thick whenever payday came.

▲ Relationships ▲

Luke Harris || Luke and Rachel have been best friends since high school. The reason as to why they’re so close is because the beautiful blonde helped Luke through the stages of depression that he went through and at the end of the day, she was on his mind. He came to the conclusion that he loved her, but still hasn’t admitted to it.

Trevor Donlan || Trevor and Rachel have daily conversations at the bar every afternoon, she serves him the usual and rolls her eyes at him as he tries to win her heart every time. They’re friends, but more friendly than they should be.

 Eric Braxton || Eric used to work at elite, the two were good friends. Eric showed Rachel the evil side of nightlife, drugs. He was doing every drug you could think of and even got Rachel into it. He eventually left to start a club of his own. Rachel was once caught smoking a joint in the bathroom at work and was almost fired. Luckily she was always on the boss’ good side but she realized she needed the job more than she needed a good time.

Anonymous asked:

how exactly can we see a persons bio? I can't read anyones all i see are the pictures of the person

Do you mean on the main page or on the characters page?

If on the characters page: Click the about link under their photo and it should lead to the bio, if not it’s probably because their bio isn’t released yet.

UPDATE: Sorry about that! I changed the theme so that now you can fully see the bios without any confusion.

Anonymous asked:

looking forward to seeing Abbey, Leonie and rachels bios!

We’re glad you’re excited! One of them should be up by at least tomorrow!

Since we’ve been so busy this weekend, we unfortunately will not be opening today but we expect to open this coming Friday on the fourth, so come check out our characters! We will be releasing 11 for both male and female FC’s throughout the week so keep an eye out!

Anonymous asked:

This group looks amazing I really want to join! :)

Thank you, we put a lot of effort into it! Hopefully we’ll be accepting an app from you?

Anonymous asked:

Do you accept faceclaim changes?

Possibly yes! Who did you have in mind?

Jenna Davis | 21 | Talent Scout | FC: Willa Holland | Open

▲ Personality ▲

Most stay away from Jenna Davis.. Unless you’re stupid enough to want to get under her skin. The young New York native is notorious for her straight forward and crude attitude, this may sound like any other sarcastic young lady you’ve come across in life, just think worse. Not only does she scoff at every ambitious model that walks through the door, she is a trouble maker as well. Being a relative to none other than the Phillip Davis, she gets by pretty easily, leaving her to act the way she wants without a trace of evidence. Jenna has a job not from experience, but from her family. Nonetheless, she has a very well idea of who can make it in NYC and who can’t. Although life for her is easy, she chooses to take the long road and is actually quite intelligent unlike many of the spoiled girls some will see here. Jenna is adventurous, fun- most are too overwhelmed by her to see if its true. One thing’s for sure, you will always spot her outside of a Starbucks holding a cigarette, otherwise she’s out and about causing the trouble we all find out about sooner or later.

▲ Background ▲

Jenna was born into an environment where wealth was everything, being closely related to the mastermind behind New York Monthly. She spent most of her time in the offices of New York, so it’s no surprise that she knows a whole lot about fame and fortune. When it came to school, she attended a private school outside of the city up until her sophomore year, where she was on the soccer team and rebelled with her friends that just wanted to escape. There was a group of girls who would make it seem okay to skip classes and dress provocatively for parties with weed and drinks in the atmosphere. Just like any teen who makes mistakes, the word got out and that’s when Jenna’s older cousin Parker threatened to tell he parents if she didn’t stop. She once hated him for that, but now they’re basically partners in crime who share laughs together.

▲ Relationships▲

Parker Davis || Although they’re cousins, Parker and Jenna are close like none other. They tease and annoy each other like siblings but on a serious note, Jenna is usually one to pressure him out of his comfort zone, constantly telling him to take 10 steps ahead of everyone just because of their famous last name.

Chanel Everson || Jenna worked with Chanel a couple of times before deciding that she wasn’t worth her time and effort. Chanel came off as a bitch whom thought everything could be handed to her.

Ricky Davis || Jenna isn’t as close with Ricky than she is with Parker. After all, he is the oldest and the oldest tend to keep a distance. When they are together though, Ricky is greatly protective over Jenna in a big brother type way, regardless of the fact that they’re cousins. He is always trying to keep her away from the bad things she could do at times but it doesn’t end up working for the most part.

Jake Barker || Without Jenna’s help Jake probably wouldn’t be where he is today. The two worked at the same coffee shop in high school and talked about their futures all the time. Jenna wanted to recruit models to help them get into the most luxurious brands and Jake wanted to be a model, the two went hand in hand. When Jake got out of high school he was still stuck at the coffee shop with Jenna, it wasn’t until Jenna got a talent scouting job at her family’s company that Jake got lucky enough to get his dream job.

Anonymous asked:

What FC's are in your first draft?

Males:  Aaron Paul, Drew Roy, Max Irons

Females: Cara Delevigne, Willa Holland, Phoebe Tonkin

Those are only a few out of the batch though

That’s all the bio’s for tonight, if you have any FC recommendations let us know!